Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes banner program

Celebrate Wilson has partnered with the Borough of Wilson to bring the Hometown Heroes Program to our community. Hometown Heroes is used as a tribute to those who have served in the United States military and who represent that community. We're asking those interested in recognizing a friend, family member, classmate, or simply somebody who's impacted your life to check out the letter from Anne Henning Scheuring and contribute to this beautiful cause. 

*NOTE: There will be limited space for this first wave of the program. All banners will be hung from Memorial Day Weekend to Veterans Day. All banners purchased will be showcased for two years. This program will run on a first-come, first-served basis.  Also, there is a need for banner brackets so they may be hung on the poles throughout the Borough. Those who purchase banners MUST purchase a bracket (a separate $33 cost).

 Information and payment for those brackets are at the bottom of the page.

Wilson borough hometown heroes banners 2023-24

The Wilson Borough Hometown Heroes Banner Program is a living tribute created for the community to recognize and honor our Reserve, Active or Retired Wilson Borough Veterans who are veterans who have served our country in the United States Armed Forces.

To qualify, a Veteran, living or deceased, must have had a connection to Wilson Borough (attended local schools, relative, friend, etc.…) at some point in his or her life, also those honored on Wilson Borough War Memorials and Veterans recommended by the local VFW and American Legion Posts.

The Banner will be 18” x 36” heavy vinyl, printed the same on both sides, and will display the service person’s photograph, include their full name, branch of the Military and the era of service e, g. (WWI, WWII, Vietnam, etc.) Banners will be displayed in years 2023 & 2024 from May through Veterans Day in November in observance of all Military Branch birthdays. Banners will be removed and stored until the same period in the following year at which time they will be redisplayed.

We are very fortunate to have Anne Henning Scheuring help with this program. She has led this program for several years in other municipalities and has volunteered to help Wilson Borough honor our veterans.

Each Banner requires the Hometown Hero Form to be filled out, a photograph of the Hero in uniform and a payment of $135.00 cash or check for each banner, payable to: Hometown Heroes ™.

For further information please contact Anne Henning Scheuring, 225 South Line Street, Lansdale, PA. 19446 or at E-Mail address: heroes@verizon.net or call: (215) 855-1743

Bracket hardware

Brackets will cost an additional $33 per banner purchased, paid separately to the Wilson Borough Celebration Fund. We're accepting donations to help pay for brackets not purchased initially to offset costs. You may make your donation by Cash or Check and make the check out to 

Wilson Borough Celebration Fund

2040 Hay TerraceEaston, PA 18042

Any questions can be directed to us via info@celebratewilson.org or to Mayor Barrett at mayor@wilsonborough.org.